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Guidon Books Presents ...
The Buffalo Soldiers

The Black Cavalry troopers, called "Buffalo Soldiers" by their Indian adversaries, played a vital role in the settlement of the American West. Here is a selection of titles to help you learn more about their exploits.

Of course, the Indian Wars were not the first time that Black Troops fought together in organized units. Many black soldiers fought in the American Civil War. We are adding a new selection on African-American soldiers during the Civil War and as a bonus we have included books about the Black Cowboys in the American West.


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Revised November 9, 2017

  1. SOLD Amos, Preston E. Above and Beyond in the West: Black Medal of Honor Winners, 1870 - 1890. Contains illustrations and stories of the winners. The Great Western Series, No. 12. Potomac Corral, the Westerners, 1974. Wraps. $25.00

  2. SOLD Bigelow, John, Jr. Garrison Tangles in the Friendless Tenth: The Journal of First Lieutenant John Bigelow, Jr., Fort Davis, Texas. Douglas C. McChristian, ed. J. M. Carroll & Co., 1985. Wraps. $35.00

  3. SOLD Burton, Art T. Black, Buckskin, and Blue: African-American Scouts and Soldiers on the Western Frontier. First edition. Eakin Press, 1999. $24.95

  4. SOLD Cashin, Herschel V. Under Fire with the Tenth U.S. Cavalry. Introduction by Richard N. Ellis. First published in 1899, it is a classic history describing the military service from the Indian campaigns to the Spanish-American War. University Press of Colorado, 1993. Soft cover. $30.00

  5. SOLD Cusic, Don. The Trials of Henry Flipper, First Black Graduate of West Point. This biography uses military reports, newspaper articles and Flipper's autobiography to discuss the circumstances of his court-martial. McFarland, 2009. Soft cover. $35.00

  6. SOLD Eppinga, Jane. Henry Ossian Flipper: West Point's First Black Graduate. Republic of Texas Press, 1996. Soft cover. $12.95

  7. SOLD Field, Ron. Buffalo Soldiers 1866 - 91. Illustrated by Richard Hool. African American soldiers played a decisive role in the US Army on the western frontier during the Plains War. This book tells the story of these soldiers who, until the early 1890s, constituted 20 % of all active forces on duty in the American West. Elite No. 107. Osprey, 2004. Soft cover. $17.95

  8. SOLD Field, Ron. Buffalo Soldiers 1892-1918 . Illustrated by Richard Hool. African American soldiers played an important part in the US military, taking part in the campaigns in the Spanish American War, insurrectionists in the Philippines and Mexican raiders, while also distinguishing themselves in the trenches during World War I. Elite No. 134. Osprey, 2005. Soft cover. $17.95

  9. SOLD Finely, James P. Huachuca Illustrated Buffalo Soldiers at Huachuca. (1996) $9.95 Magazine Vol 1

  10. SOLD Finely, James P. Huachuca Illustrated Buffalo Soldiers at Huachuca. (1996) $9.95 Magazine Vol 2

  11. SOLD Finely, James P. Huachuca Illustrated Buffalo Soldiers at Huachuca. (1996) $9.95 Magazine Vol 3

  12. SOLD Harris, Richard E. The First 100 Years: A History of Arizona Blacks. Relmo Publishers, 1983. Soft cover. $22.50

  13. SOLD James, Jennifer C. A Freedom Bought with Blood: African American War Literature from the Civil War to World War II. A collection of essays and memoirs. University of North Carolina Press, 2007. Black cloth. $65.00

  14. Katz, William Loren. Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage. Through careful research, this book reveals how black and red people learned to live and work together. Young adult. Atheneum, 1986. Dust jacket. $15.95

  15. SOLD Kinevan, Marcos. Frontier Cavalryman: Lieutenant John Bigelow with the Buffalo Soldiers in Texas. A West Point graduate who served with the 10th Cavalry. Texas Western Press, 1998. Dust jacket. $40.00

  16. SOLD Langellier, John P. Men A- Marching: The African American Sold ier in the West, 1866-1896. Combat History Series. Numerous illustrations and photographs. Steven Wright Publishing, 1995. Wraps. $14.95

  17. SOLD Ricks, Lucille. A Buffalo Soldier's Legacy. Signed by the author. Buffalo Soldier Press, 1994. Wraps. $12.00

  18. SOLD Robinson, Charles M. The Court Martial of Lieutenant Henry Flipper. Exhaustive stury, using the court-martial records and other military sources to assess the proceedings. Texas Western Press, 1994. Soft cover. $12.50

  19. SOLD Ross, Joseph B., comp. Tabular Analysis of the Records of the U.S. Colored Troops and Their Predecessor Units in the National Archives of the United States. Special List No. 33. National Archives and Records Service, 1973. Oversize wraps. $27.50

  20. SOLD Roster of Non-Commissioned Officers of the Tenth U.S. Cavalry. With Some regimental reminiscences, appendixes, etc. connected with the early history of the Regiment, 1897. Introduction by Douglas McChristian. Reprint. J. M. Carroll & Co., 1983. Yellow wraps. $25.00

  21. SOLD Schubert, Frank N. Buffalo Soldiers, Braves and the Brass. Story of Fort Robinson and the black Ninth and Tenth Cavalry Regiments, detailing the men, women and children stationed at the fort and their impact on the region. White Mane, 1993. Dust jacket. $27.95

  22. SOLD Schubert, Frank N., comp. On the Trail of the Buffalo Soldier: Biographies of African Americans in the U.S. Army, 1866-1917. Scholarly Resources, 1996. Red cloth. $100.00

  23. SOLD Scott, Edward Van Zile The Unwept - Black American Soldiers and the Spanish-American War First Edition (1996) 240 pgs $24.95

  24. book cover SOLD Shellum, Brian G. Black Officer in a Buffalo Soldier Regiment: The Military Career of Charles Young. Biography (1864-1922) of the third black graduate of West Point, the first African American national park superintedent and the first African American officer to command a regular Army regiment. Bison original. University of Nebraska Press, 2010. Soft cover. $19.95 *
  25. SOLD Tucker, Phillip Thomas. Cathy Williams: From Slave to Female Buffalo Soldier. The story of an exceptional woman whose story is not well known. She became a Buffalo Soldier, serving in one of the six black units formed following the Civil War. 1st edition. Stackpole Books, 2002. Dust jacket. $26.95

  26. SOLD Wharfield, Col. H. B. 10th Cavalry & Border Fights. Ltd. to 300 copies, autographed. Wraps. $50.00

  27. SOLD Willard, Tom. Buffalo Soldiers. (Historical Fiction) First edition. Tom Doherty Associates Book, 1996. Dust jacket. $35.00


  1. SOLD Archambault, Alan. Black Soldiers in the Civil War. Bellerophon Books (Juvenile) 1995. Wraps. $3.95

  2. SOLD Bilby, Joseph G. Forgotten Warriors: New Jersey's African American Soldiers in the Civil War. Using contemporary letters, diaries, memoirs, official records and other sources, Bilby details the tragedies and triumphs of New Jersey's black soldiers. Longstreet House, 1993. Wraps. $7.95

  3. SOLD Chenery, William H. The Fourteenth Regiment Rhode Island Heavy Artillery (colored) in the War the Preserve the Union 1861-1865. Negro Universities Press, 1969. $35.00

  4. Douglass, Frederick. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave. Edited by Benjamin Quarles. Previous owner's stamp on front endsheet. Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1971. Soft cover. $7.50

  5. SOLD Edwards, Harry Stillwell. Eneas Africanus. Extracts from the Atlanta Constitution, 1872. J.W. Burke Co., 1922. Green Wraps. $12.50

  6. SOLD Gladstone, William. Men of Color. A history of the African-American soldiers and their units during the Civil War. Contains numerous illustrations. Thomas Publications, 1993. Soft cover. $17.95

  7. SOLD Haskins, Jim. Black, Blue & Gray: African Americans in the Civil War. This stunning book brings young reader face-to-face with the African Americans who fought - a journey through the war's causes, influences, and conditions as seen from the point of view of black people. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 1998. Dust jacket. $16.00

  8. SOLD Main, Ed. M. The Story of the Marches, Battles and Incidents of the Third United States Colored Cavalry: A Fighting Regiment in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-5. With official orders and reports relating thereto, compiled from the Rebellion Records. Reprint. Negro Universities Press, 1970. $70.00

  9. SOLD Ramold, Steven J. Slaves Sailors Citizens: African Americans in the Union Navy. Richly detailed history of the free blacks and "contraband" slaves who joined the navy during the war and were essential to Northern victories at sea. Northern Illinois University Press, 2002. Dust jacket. $32.00

  10. SOLD Shaffer, Donald R. After the Glory: The Struggles of Black Civil War Veterans. This illuminating study shines a bright light on a previously obscure part of African-American history, revealing for the first time black veterans' valiant but often frustrating efforts to secure true autonomy and equality as civilians. Shaffer chronicles the postwar transition of black veterans from the Union army to the subsequent life patterns. University Press of Kansas, 2004. Dust jacket. $34.95

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