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Table of Contents for our Old West Books

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Wyatt Earp - Tombstone | Superstition Mountains | Arizona | Military | Southwest | Spanish Exploration & Borderlands |

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The American West | Buffalo Bill Wild West Shows, Rodeos and Western Movies | Life on the Frontier | Mexico | Mormons | Western Exploration | Ephemera

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Cattle & Cowboys | Texas

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Western Books - Page 1

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Revised February 26, 2018

* Denotes Southwest Books of the Year selection




Wyatt Earp - Tombstone


The McLaurys in Tombstone, Arizona: An O.K. Corral Obituary

by Paul Johnson. University of North Texas Press, 2012. Dust jacket. $29.95

On a chilly October afternoon in 1881, two brothers named Tom and Frank McLaury were gunned down on the streets of Tombstone, Arizona, by the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday. The deadly event became known as the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, and in a quirk of fate, the brothers’ names became well-known, but only as bad men and outlaws. Did they deserve that reputation?  The McLaurys in Tombstone, Arizona: An O.K. Corral Obituary explores this question, revealing details of their family background and the context of their lives on the frontier.

Signed by the author.

    To order your copy call 480 945-8811 or email:

  1. SOLD Arizona Territorial Justice Forum. "A Protracted Law Suit": Arizona Territorial Justice and the Tombstone Townsite Company. 2001. Soft cover, oversize. $10.00

  2. SOLD Brent, Lynton Wright. The Bird Cage: A Theatrical Novel of Early Tombstone. (Historical Novel). 1st edition, autographed. Dorrance & Co., 1945. Dust jacket. $25.00
  3. SOLD Briggs, Robert. Hurled Into Eternity: The Story of the Earps in Tombstone, 1880-1882. Unique study explores the factual events of the gunfight and personal relationships. Southern Lion Books, 2007. Soft cover. $12.50

  4. SOLD Brooks, L. T. The Last Gamble of Doc Holliday. Meticulously researched work of historical fiction which breathes new life into the story of Doc Holliday from his childhood in rural Georgia to his final days in the Colorado Rockies. Ivy House Publishing, 2004. Dust jacket. $26.95
  5. SOLD Chafin, Earl, ed. Wyatt's Woman. The Unvarnished Memoirs and recollections of Josephine Sarah Marcus Earp. Being her life with Wyatt Earp from 1881 to 1929. Earl Chafin Press, 1998. Spiral Bound, $50.00
  6. SOLD Culhane, Patrick. Black Hats: A Novel of Wyatt Earp and Al Capone. Reimagining history if these two colorful characters met. 1st edition. William Morrow, 2007. Dust jacket. $24.95
  7. SOLD Dare, Albert. Halderman Brothers - Invitation to the Last Hanging in Tombstone. 1987. Wraps. $7.95
  8. SOLD Earp, Wyatt. Wyatt Earp Speaks! My Side of the O.K. Corral Shootout, Plus Interviews with Doc Holliday. John Richard Stephens, editor. Fern Canyon Press, 1998. Soft cover. $19.95
  9. SOLD Edwards, Adelia Earp. Wild West Remembrances. Written by the sister of Wyatt Earp in 1932-34. Transcribed and edited from the original by Earl Chafin, signed by Chafin. Earl Chafin Press, 1998. White 8.5 x 11" pages, with front cover corners turned. $30.00

  10. SOLD Faulk, Odie B. Tombstone: Myth and Reality. 1st edition. Oxford University Press, 1972. Dust jacket worn on the edges. $45.00
  11. SOLD Fischer, Ron W., ed. The Tombstone Business Directory 1880-1884. Autographed. Ron W. Fischer Enterprises., 2002. Soft cover. $14.95
  12. OLD Glass, Ben. Wyatt Earp's West: Images and Words. Photographs by Ben Glass, Text Selected by Jim Wilson. Foreword by Page Stegner. The dramatic re-creation of Earp's legend from the Wyatt Earp movie with Kevin Costner. New Market Press, 1994. Dust jacket. $39.95
  13. SOLD Gray, John Plesent. Tombstone's Violent Years, 1880-1882 As Remembered by John Pleasant Gray. Edited by Neil B. Carmony. Story of Gray's time in Tombstone. 1st edition, limited to 300 numbered copies, no. 293. Signed by Carmony. Trails to Yesterday Books, 1999. White decorated wraps. $15.00

  14. SOLD Hand, George. Next Stop: Tombstone. George Hand's Contention City Diary, 1882. Neil B. Carmony, editor. Trail to Yesterday Books, 1995. Wraps. $9.95
  15. SOLD Hattich, William. Tombstone. Foreward by John D. Gilchriese. Originally published in 1903, by the editor of the Tombstone newspaper, to try to re-focus attention on the real town and its hope for the future. Reprint. University of Oklahoma Press, 1981. Dust jacket. $45.00

  16. SOLD Hickey, Michael M. John Ringo: The Final Hours - A Tale of the Old West. Analysis and commentary by Ben T. Traywick and original oil paintings by Mike James. Contains a loose map of Cochise County and a loose bookplate signed by the author. Talei Publishers, copyright 1995, issued 2001. Dust jacket. $44.95
  17. SOLD Historical Tombstone Arizona - "The Town Too Tough to Die." Souvenir publication with color photographs. Petley Studios. Wraps. $5.00
  18. SOLD Hoggatt, Norman Lee. On the Trail of Wyatt Earp. 1st printing, autographed presentation copy. Mound House, 1997. Sprial bound wraps, oversize. $30.00
  19. SOLD Jackson, Olin. Georgia's Doc Holliday. Biography of the legendary character. Whippoorwill Publishers, 2006. $15.00
  20. SOLD Landin, Edna. Why Tombstone, Arizona is called 'The town too tough to Die.' Autographed. Wraps. $12.50

  21. SOLD Leoux, Gary. Tombstone: A Chronicle in Perspective. Signed. Trafford Publishing, 2002. Soft cover. $24.50

  22. SOLD Roman, Bill. Tombstone, Arizona Territory. 1988. Wraps. $7.50
  23. SOLD Sheffer, H. Henry III and Sharyn R. Alger. "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral" Tombstone, Arizona, 1881. Norseman Publications, 1995. Wraps. $3.95
  24. SOLD Sherayko, Peter. Tombstone: The Guns and Gear. Readers will learn the research involved in making a film historically correct as well as have a guide to guns, saddles, bridles, spurs, chaps, knives, costumes and boots. 2d edition. Caravan West, 2010. Soft cover. $49.95
  25. SOLD Shillingberg, William B. Wyatt Earp & the "Buntline Special" Myth. 1st edition. Blaine Publishing Co., 1976. Wraps. $30.00

  26. SOLD Stephens, John Richard. Wyatt Earp Tells of the Gunfight Near the O.K. Corral. Wyatt Earp Series, No. 2. Limited to 200 copies. Fern Canyon Press, 2000. Wraps. $9.95
  27. SOLD Taylor, Don. 1929: The First Helldorado. The story of the first Helldorado held in Tombstone; filled with copies of newspaper articles and advertisements of the day. Signed by the author. Old West Research & Publishing, 2006. Soft cover oversize. $12.00

  28. SOLD Taylor, Don. Tombstone's Resurrection: The Second Mining Boom. Tells the story of the Tombstone Consolidated Mining Company's efforts to revive mining in the early 20th century. Old West Research & Publishing, 2007. Soft cover oversize. $12.00 *

  29. SOLD Tombstone Tales: Silver Camp Folks. Tombstone Epitaph, 1973. Wraps. $5.00
  30. SOLD Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die. Smith-Southwestern, n.d. Wraps. $7.50
  31. SOLD Traywick, Ben T. The Residents of Tombstone's Boothill. 1st edition.1971. Wraps. $15.00

  32. SOLD Traywick, Ben T. A Town Called Tombstone. A pictorial presentation of how the World's Most Famous Town and its inhabitants really looked. 1982. Wraps. $50.00

  33. SOLD Traywick, Mary Dolores. Fiery Foods from Tombstone. Recipes and a little bit of history. Red Marie's Bookstore, 2002. Spiral bound. $15.00
  34. SOLD Way, W. J. "Jack." The Tombstone Story. Livingston Press, 1965. Wraps. $7.50

  35. SOLD Wheeler, Richard S. Masterson. (Historical Fiction). 1st edition. Tom Doherty Associates, 1999. Dust jacket. $24.95
  36. SOLD Wyatt Earp, Tombstone & the West. Part I, Auction June 25, 2004. Catalog of sale items with some illustrations. Includes loose map of Tombstone by John Gilchriese. John's Western Gallery. Soft cover, oversize. $12.50

  37. SOLD Yadon, Laurence J. and Dan Anderson. Arizona Gunfighters. Edited by Robert Barr Smith. The authors, relying on transcripts, newspaper accounts, diary entries and memoirs, tell a vivid story of the untamed days. Pelican, 2010. Soft cover. $16.95

  38. SOLD Young, Roy B. Cochise County Cowboy War: A Cast of Characters. Includes a Cochise County chronology and place names, Tombstone business directory, and a bibliography on Earp and Cochise County sources. Signed by the author. Young & Sons Enterprises, 1999. Spiral bound. $30.00


Superstition Mountains

  1. SOLD Allen, Robert Joseph. The Story of Superstition Mountain and the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. The true account of gold-hungry men who challenged the treacherous peak. Previous owner's writing on front endsheet. Pocket Books. Soft cover, minor wear. $7.50
  2. SOLD d'Autremont, Hugh. West of Dawn. True stories of prospectors in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, Pinto Basin in eastern California and the Sierra Madre Occidental in Old Mexico. 1st edition. Exposition Press, 1971. Brown cloth. $35.00
  3. SOLD Fraser, Jay. Lost Dutchman Mine Discovers. Affiliated Writers of America, 1989. Wraps. $9.95
  4. SOLD Kizziar, Kaye. Eyes of the Superstitions. 1st edition. Az-Tex Books, 1993. Wraps. $6.95

  5. SOLD Scott, Wendell. In Search of the Clues to the Lost Dutchman Mine. Stories to help you find the mine? Signed by the author. Freelance Publishing, 1999. Spiral bound. $20.00

  6. SOLD Scott, Wendell. Where the Trail Turns South: Found Clue to the Lost Dutchman Mine. Clues to the mine? Signed by the author. Freelance Publishing, 2002. Spiral bound. $20.00 *

  7. SOLD Sheridan, Michael F. Superstition Wilderness Guidebook: Geology and Trails. Contains maps and photographs with distance guides. Previous owner did limited yellow highlighting. 1978. Soft cover. $10.00
  8. SOLD Superstition Mounain Historical Society. Geology, Historical Events, Legends and Lore of the Superstition Mountain. Compilation of geology, history and legends of the Superstition Mountains. SMHS, 2007. Spiral bound. $20.00

  9. SOLD Waite, Mitch. The Lost Dutchman and Superstition Mountain Who is Who. Signed, 1st edition. Southwest Publications, 1993. $9.95


  1. SOLD Abbot, Megan. Bury Me Deep. Novelization of the events that happened in Phoenix, 1931 that mirror the Winnie Ruth Judd episode. Signed by the author. Simon and Schuster, 2009. Soft cover. $15.00

  2. Acuna, Sylvia G. Queen Creek: Images of America. Illustrated history of this agricultural community and now a suburb of the Phoenix area. Arcadia Publishing, 2013. Soft cover. $21.99

  3. SOLD Allen, Mary Moore. Origin of Names of Army and Air Corps Posts, Camps and Stations in World War II in Arizona. Photocopy of a typescript. 12 loose pages. $10.00

  4. SOLD Anderson, John R. J.J. : The Life and Legacy of an Arizona Cowman, Gunman, Gentleman. Biography of J. J. Anderson who ranched along the Gila River. Signed by Lucille Anderson. Hot Iron Press, 1994. Soft cover. $22.50

  5. Anderson, Lisa A. Alice Jung, Jared Smith and Thomas Wilson. Mesa. Story of this Salt River Valley Town. Images of America. Arcadia Publishing, 2008. Soft cover. $19.95

  6. Arizona Librarian. Issue contains an article by Bert Fireman on sixty-seven Arizona History Books and an article on Edwin Bliss Hill by Gertrude Hill Muir. Winter 1967. Soft cover. $5.00

  7. SOLD Arizona Pioneers Historical Society. Constitution and By-Laws. Adopted April 16, 1897. Included is a separate copy of the Constitution, approved by the Legislative Assembly of Arizona, March 18, 1897. Wraps. $25.00

  8. SOLD Arizona Highways Magazine. Volume 17, 1941. Articles: Barry Goldwater on a trip down the Green and Colorado rivers with his photographs; Kinishba; Ted de Grazia; drawings by Ross Santee; Verde River; Navajo Country; Howe Williams artist; Arizona lakes and rivers. Bound. $90.00

  9. Arizona: Its People and Resources. By the University of Arizona faculty. An illustrated look at Arizona. Revised 2nd edition. University of Arizona Press, 1972. Decorated cloth, with wear, oversize. $15.00

  10. Arizona Sheriff. Issue devoted to Gila County. Vol. 29:1. February, 1974. Soft cover, oversize. $15.00

  11. SOLD Asfar, Dan. Ghost Stories of Arizona and New Mexico. Among the prickly pear cacti, nut pines and juniper trees, ghostly spirits can be found throughout the rugged Arizona and New Mexico landscape. Learn about such paranormal events at the Yuma Territorial Prison, atop Urraca Mesa in Navajo land, the Verde Valley or among the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Lone Pine Publishing, 2006. Soft cover. $11.95

  12. Ayers, Steve and the Camp Verde Historical Society. Camp Verde: Images of America. Illustrated story of this Arizona town along the Verde River. Arcadia Publishing, 2010. Soft cover. $21.99

  13. Beebe, B. F. Run, Light Buck, Run! The adventurous life of a long pronghorn and a man on Arizona's Paria Plateau. Illustrated by Larry Toschik. David McKay Company, 1962. Creme cloth. $22.50

  14. Bensel Directory Company. Phoenix Directory for the Year 1892. The Bensel Directory Co.'s Phoenix directory for the year 1892; a general directory of the citizens of Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa: a complete record of their institutions, societies, churches, corporations, street directories, business directories, etc. Reprint. Paul Johnson, 1971. Red cloth. $50.00

  15. SOLD Berke, Arnold. Mary Colter: Architect of the Southwest. New color photographs by Alexander Vertikoff. The story about an extraordinary woman, weaving together three stories, the early twentieth-century career of a woman in what was then a man's profession; the creation of a building at the Grand Canyon and interior style drawn from regional history and landscape; and the exploitation of the American Southwest, largely in the hands of the railroads, for leisure travel. Filled with photographs, images from color postcards, etc. Princeton Architecture Press, 2002. Soft cover. $24.95

  16. SOLD Bimson, Walter R. Louis D. Ricketts (1859-1940): Mining Engineer, Geologist, Banker, Industrialist, and Builder of Arizona. Newcomen Society, 1949. Wraps. $10.00

  17. SOLD Bond, Ervin. Percy Bowden: Born to be a Frontier Lawman. Story of an Arizona law officer in southeastern Arizona. Among the characters he encountered where bootleggers, John Dillinger, Aimee Semple McPherson and the early border wars. 1976. Dust jacket. $50.00

  18. Bowe, Richard J., ed. Historical Album of Arizona. Pictorial history of Arizona, featuing places, events and characters. Previous owner's name stamp on front cover. Wraps, oblong, with age and minor wear. $7.00

  19. SOLD Browder, Robert Paul and Thomas G. Smith. Independent: A Biography of Lewis W. Douglas. A study of a prominent member of Congress, advisor to Presidents and an influential political figure. 1st edition. Alfred A. Knopf, 1986. Dust jacket. $30.00

  20. SOLD Bryant, Kathleen. Sedona: Treasure of the Southwest: A Visual Tour of Oak Creek Canyon and Red Rock Country. Colorful photograph trip in this beautiful Arizona country. Northland Publishing, 2002. Oversize soft cover. $9.95

  21. Bryson, Janice Ryan and Kathleen Shappee Wood. Irish Arizona: Images of America. Illustrated history of this ethnic group from thecreation of the territory to present day. Arcadia Publishing, 2008. Soft cover. $21.99

  22. Burgess, Nancy and Karen Despain. Around Yavapai County Celebrating Arizona's Centennial: Images of America. Arcadia Publishing, 2011. Soft cover. $21.99

  23. mayer SOLD Burgess, Nancy. An Illustrated History of Mayer, Arizona: Stagecoaches, Mining, Ranching and the Railroad. Foreword by Marshall Trimball. A look at this community located in the foothils of the Bradshaw Mountains. McFarland, 2012. Soft cover. $45.00

  24. SOLD Burnett, Jim. High Lonesome: Tales of Bisbee and Southern Arizona. Stories of ranching life in Sulphur Springs Valley. Jim Burnett, 1991. Dust jacket. $30.00

  25. Burruel, Jose Maria. Mexicans in Scottsdale: Images of America. Illustrated story of this Arizona community located in the Salt River Valley. Arcadia Publishing, 2007. Soft cover. $19.95

  26. Carlson, Raymond. Arizona's Scenic Seasons. Selected writings of Carlson when he was editor of the Arizona Highways. 2d edition. Arizona Highways, 1991. Dust jacket. $19

  27. SOLD Caywood, W. Eugene. A History of Tucson Transportation: The Arrival of the Railroad Beginnings of Transit in Tucson. Illustrated with photographs and drawings. Tucson Pima County Historical Commission, 1980. Wraps. $9.50

  28. The Chicano Experience in Arizona: Mining Agriculture Ranching Part One. Exhibit catalog of photographs at Arizona State University Library. 1991. Wraps. $10.00

  29. SOLD Chilcote, Martha McNary. Memories of McNary 1915-1985. Illustrated history of this northern Arizona lumber town. 1st edition. Commercial Graphics, 1985. Soft cover, oversize. $25.00

  30. SOLD Clark, Victoria. A Journey through Northern Arizona. A virtual tour of northern Arizona using more than 300 postcards showing the character and history of this region, including the Grand Canyon, Oak Creek and the Petrified Forest. Schiffer, 2008. Soft cover, oblong. $24.99

  31. SOLD Cline, Platt. Mountain Campus: The Story of Northern Arizona University. Foreword by Bruce Babbitt. One of a limited edition of twenty specially bound and boxed copies, signed by the author. Inscribed to a NAU professor. Northland Press, 1983. Dust jacket in slipcase. $40.00

  32. SOLD Cline, Platt. Mountain Town: Flagstaff's First Century. Foreword by Bruce Babbitt. History of Arizona's northern town from its first settlement in the late 1800s. 1st edition. Northland Press, 1994. Dust jacket. $35.00

  33. SOLD Conklin, E. Picturesque Arizona: Being the Result of Travels and Observations in Arizona during the Fall and Winter of 1877. 1st edition. Spine lose, inside front endsheets taped. Green cloth cover very worn on corners, speckled with paint. Mining Record Printing Est., 1878. $275.00

  34. SOLD Conkling, Roscoe P. and Margaret B. Conkling. The Butterfield Overland Mail 1857-1869: Its organization and operation over the Southern Route to 1861; subsequently over the Central Route to 1866; and under Wells, Fargo and Company in 1869. 3 volumes. Arthur H. Clark, 1947. Minor discoloration on red cloth. $950.00

  35. SOLD Cook, James E. Arizona 101: An irreverent short course for new arrivals. Who needs this course? Visitors will be able to enjoy their stay because they understand about weather, cowboys, native food and how to pronounce those funny words. 2nd edition. Cocinero Press, 1981. Soft cover. $7.95

  36. SOLD Cosulich, Bernice. Tucson. With map of landmarks, references, glossary, chronology, and bibliography. Illustrations by Bruce Marshall. Story of southern Arizona's major city. Previous owner's inscription on free front sheet. Arizona Silhouettes, 1953. Red cloth with minor wear. $35.00

  37. Cox, Larry. The Book of Tucson Firsts. Interesting tidbits about the southern Arizona city, illustrated. Javalina Press, 1998. Soft cover. $7.50

  38. SOLD Cozzens, Samuel Woodworth. The Young Silver Seekers or Hal and Need in the Marvellous Country. Complets the Young Trail Hunters' Series. Novel set in southern Arizona with the adventurers seeking silver mines and enountering Native Americans. Previous owner's name with date of 1882 on front endsheet. Lee and Shepard, 1883. Brown decorated cloth showing wear. $20.00

  39. SOLD Crandall, Zeke. Arizona Tales. First volume of stories of Arizona from around the state. Signed by the author. Soft cover. $16.95

  40. SOLD Crandall, Zeke. Arizona Train Robbers. Three stories about robbing trains in Arizona. Signed by the author. Soft cover. $12.95

  41. Crandall, Zeke. The Simple Man. Biography of Mike Dunbar. Signed by the author. 2006. Soft cover. $18.95

  42. SOLD Crombie, M. Katherine et al. Rich Hill: The History of Arizona's Most Amazing Gold District. Learn about Stanton, Octave, and Weaver, three of Arizona's most notorious ghost towns. Golden Retriever Pub., 2002. Soft cover. $24.95

  43. Cummings, Laura L. Pachucas & Pachucos in Tucson: Situated Border Lives. An innovative study examining the pachuco phenomenon and exploring its growth in Tucson. University of Arizona Press, 2009. Soft cover. $34.95

  44. SOLD Daughters of the Gila County Pioneers. A Cultural History of the Pioneer Women of Gila County, Arizona and Their Descendants Volume 2. 1st edition. Git A Rope! Publishers, 2005. Soft cover. $25.00

  45. SOLD Daughters of the Gila County Pioneers. A Cultural History of the Pioneer Women of Gila County, Arizona and Their Descendants Volume 3. 1st edition. Git A Rope! Publishers, 2007. Soft cover. $25.00

  46. Daughters of the Gila County Pioneers. Historical Calendars 1993-2012. Photographs and information about the early Gila County settlers. 2012. Soft cover, oversize. $25.00

  47. Dawn on the Desert: An Arizona saga of ... people ... power ... progress. History of Arizona Public Service, APS, power company on its 75th year. White decorated cloth. $10.00

  48. SOLD Dayhuff, Robert H. and James L. Pearson. Notoious Arizona Characters: A Biographical Sketch of Eight Individuals Remembered for their Notoriety. True stories of territorial Arizona, including Billy Stiles, the Apache Kid, Pearl Hart and R. G. Apsey. Signed by Dayhuff. Santa Cruz Valley Press, 2006. Soft cover. $22.00

  49. SOLD Dillard, Gary. Murder on Brewery Gulch. Bisbee lawmen went to far in prosecuting the men they believed guilty. Frontera House Press, 1998. Wraps. $5.00

  50. SOLD Dobkins, J. Dwight. Winnie Ruth Judd: The Trunk Murders. The true story of the most incredible murderess of the twentieth century and the strange events from 1931 -1972. 1st printing. Grosset & Dunlap, 1973. Dust jacket worn on edges. $25.00

  51. Douglas, A. E. "Montezuma's Well and the Soda Spring, Arizona." Extract of an article from Land of Sunshine. Stapled pages. $10.00

  52. SOLD downblue Down on the Blue: Blue River 1878 - 1986. Commissioned by the Blue River Cowbelles; compiled and edited by Cleo Cosper Coor. Stories about the early settlers and events along the Blue River. Illustrated with historic and contemporary photos and drawings. Fold-out map. 6th printing. Out West Printing, 1996. Blue cloth, oversize. $55.00

  53. Downey, Lynn and Desert Caballeros Western Museum. Wickenburg: Images of America. Illustrated history of the "Dude Ranch Capital of the World." Arcadia Publishing, 2011. Soft cover. $21.99

  54. SOLD Durham, Clarence W. That Hashknife Kid. About a real Western cowboy and acknowledged as a great read by those familar with the Hashknife outfit. 2nd edition. Soft cover. $25.00

  55. SOLD Eppinga, Jane. Arizona Sheriffs: Badges and Bad Men. Foreword by Asa Bushnell. Starting with the Pleasant Valley War and ending with the Buddhist tempe tragedy, this book reveals how the state's law enforces have wrangled with crime from the 1880s to the 1990s. Rio Nuevo, 2006. Soft cover. $25.00 *

  56. Feeney, Francis H. Fantastic Arizona: The Land of Beginning Again. A concise and creative presentation of facts spiced with a little fun about a region that as been luring outsiders to within its borders. Revised. Golden West Literary Enterprises, 1975. Soft cover. $12.50

  57. First National Bank of Arizona. The Arizona Story. Includes chapter on the Superstition Mountains, mining, missions, and settlement. c1972. Oversize tan wraps. $15.00

  58. SOLD Fontana, Bernard L. A Gift of Angels: The Art of Mission San Xavier Del Bac. Photographs by Edward McCain. Written by the leading expert on San Xavier, this book presents a comprehensive view of the mission with stunning photographs and incisive text illuminating the religious, historical and motivational context of these images. A must for a holiday gift. University of Arizona Press, 2010. Dust jacket, oversize. $75.00

  59. Fudala, Joan. Golf in Scottsdale: Images of Sports. For over 100 years, golf has been played in Scottsdale, Arizona. Illustrated history. Arcadia, 2008. Soft cover. $19.95

  60. SOLD Fugita, Stephen S. and Marilyn Fernandez. Altered Lives, Enduring Community: Japanese Americans Remember Their World War II Incarceration. An examination of the long-term effects on Japanese Americans during their WWII experiences in relocation camps. University of Washington Press, 2004. Soft cover. $24.95

  61. Garcia, Kathleen. Early Phoenix: Images of America. Illustrated story of the Central Arizona city in its early days. Arcadia Publishing, 2008. Soft cover. $19.99

  62. SOLD Garza, Phyllis de la. The Story of Dos Cabezas. With photos and captions by Carol Wien. Story of the Arizona mining town and the area in Cochise County. Westernlore Press, 1995. Dust jacket. $30.00

  63. SOLD Grady, Patrick. Homesteading Along the Creek: Pioneer Life in Cave Creek, Arizona 1890-1940. Story of how this community north of Phoenix developed. Signed by the author. Pioneer Press, 2009. Soft cover. $20.00

  64. SOLD Gressinger, A. W. A History of Florence, Arizona. Prepared for the dedication of the Pinal County Historical Society Museum. Pinal County Historical Society. Brown wraps. $15.00

  65. SOLD Gressinger, A. W. Florence Tour Guide. Illustrated booklet on the history of Florence. Pinal County Historical Society. Wraps. $8.00

  66. SOLD Grimes, Pauline. Land of Our Own . . . New River, Arizona. Local history of this Arizona Community, with photographs. c1992. Perfect bound with clear cover. $15.00

  67. Grubbs, Bruce. Backpacker - Desert Sense. Camping, hiking & biking in hot, dry climates. Make your way safely in the desert by vehicle, by bike on on foot. Mountaineers Books, 2004. Soft cover. $16.95

  68. SOLD Grubbs, Bruce. Best Loop Hikes Arizona. A guide devoted to 75 loop hikes throughout the state, from easy one-hour jaunts to multi-day trips. Illustrated. Mountaineers, Books, 2004. Soft cover. $16.95

  69. SOLD Hanchett, Leland J., Jr. They Shot Billy Today: The Families of Arizona's Pleasant Valley War. Story of the famous Graham - Tewksbury feud. Signed by te author. Pine Rim Publishing, 2006. Soft cover $20.00

  70. SOLD Hand, George. Whiskey, Six-guns & Red-light Ladies: George Hand's Saloon Diary, Tucson, 1875-1878. Edited by Neil Carmony. Hand settled in Tucson after the Civil War where he worked as a butcher, a saloon keeper and custodian at the Pima County courthouse and kept a diary of his days. 1st edition. High-Lonesome Books, 1994. Dust jacket. $50.00

  71. SOLD Hand, George. Whiskey, Six-guns & Red-light Ladies: George Hand's Saloon Diary, Tucson, 1875-1878. Edited by Neil Carmony. Hand settled in Tucson after the Civil War where he worked as a butcher, a saloon keeper and custodian at the Pima County courthouse and kept a diary of his days. 1st edition. High-Lonesome Books, 1994. Soft cover. $40.00

  72. SOLD Hartman, G. Marshall. The Making of a Cowman. The story of an Arizona cowboy who worked on the Greene Cattle Company ranch at San Rafael. Endsheets have Arizona brands. Ralph Tanner Associates, 1992. Dust jacket. $30.00

  73. SOLD Hatch, JoAnn F. Lore and Legend: Adventure and History in the White Mountains of Arizona. A collection of stories from Arizona's past. Signed by the author. Kymera Publishing, 2007. Soft cover. $20.00print

  74. Heath, Bernadette and James Randkley. Arizona Impressions. Photographic views and history of Arizona. Farcountry Press, 2005. Soft cover. $9.95

  75. SOLD Heatwole, Thelma. Arizona Hideaways. Discover the charm of Arizona's small towns. Photographs and maps. Bookplate partially pasted on title page. Signed by the author. Golden West Publishers, 1986. Soft cover. $7.00

  76. Heidinger, Lisa Schnebly. Chief Yellowhorse Lives On! And Other Stories of Arizona Places and People. An insightful cross-section of one woman's lifelong adventure in Arizona. Arizona Highways, 2003. Soft cover. $16.95

  77. Heidinger, Lisa Schnebly, Janeen Trevillyan and the Sedona Historical Society. Sedona: Images of America. Illustrated story of this community located in the beautiful Red Rock region of northern Arizona.. Arcadia Publishing, 2007. Soft cover. $19.95

  78. SOLD Henderson, Elizabeth Lawson and Robert Isaacson. The Muleshoe Cattle Company: An Anthology of Memories of Life on an Arizona Cow Ranch, 1906-1928. Illustrated history of ranching in southern Arizona, near Willcox, Hooker's Hot Springs. Muleshoe Press, 2006. Soft cover, oblong. $29.95

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In the fifteen years prior to the American Civil War, the U.S. Army established a presence in southern New Mexico, the homeland of Mescalero, Mimbres, and Mogollon bands of the Apache Indians. From the army’s perspective, the Apaches presented an obstacle to be overcome in making the region—newly acquired in the Mexican-American War—safe for Anglo settlers. In Dragoons in Apacheland, William S. Kiser recounts the conflicts that ensued and examines how both Apache warriors and American troops shaped the future of the Southwest Borderlands.

Signed by the author.

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