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A Collection of Western Art Books

Revised January 23, 2018


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Western Art


Cowboy Artists of America | Santa Fe and Taos Artists

  1. SOLD 100 Years of Illustration of the American West: From the Collection of Ralph E. Kaschai. Exhibition catalog presented by the Brevard Art Center and Museum and Museum of Arts and Sciences, 1980 - 1981. Wraps. $8.00

  2. SOLD [Adams, Charles Partridge] Dines, Dorothy, Stephen J. Leonard and Stanley L. Cuba. The Art of Charles Partridge Adams. The art of a major Colorado landscape painter during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Published in Association with the Denver Public Library. Fulcrum Publishing, 1993. Soft cover. $24.95

  3. SOLD Ainsworth, Ed. Painters of the Desert. Focuses on thirteen artists who found beauty in the Southwest and a gallery of their works; glimpses at those who captured for themselves and for their fellowmen the beauty and message of the American Desert. Contains photographs, black and white and color images of their paintings. 1st edition. Desert Magazine, 1960. Dust jacket, oversize. $175.00

  4. SOLD Ainsworth, Edward Maddin. Beckoning Desert. Illustrated by Bill Bender. Impressions of the sunlit land, its people, its miracles old and new. An intimate chronicle of the Great Southern California Desert. 1st edition. With an original full page pen & ink sketch signed by Bender. Prentice Hall, 1962. Dust jacket. $125.00

  5. SOLD The American West: The John F. Eulich Collection. Auction catalog May 20, 1998. Sotheby's. Dust jacket. $45.00

  6. SOLD The American West: Legendary Artists of the Frontier. From a collection assembled by John F. Eulich; organized by John E. Buchanan. Exhibition catalog for the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, 1991. Soft cover. $15.00

  7. SOLD Antreasian, Garo and Clinton Adams. The Tamarind Book of Lithography: Art & Techniques. First comprehensive guide to the art and techniqes of creating fine lithographs. Tamarind Lithography Workdshop, 1971. Stiff soft cover, oversize. $40.00

  8. SOLD Arader, W. Graham III. Native Grace: Prints of the New World 1590-1876. Introduction by Wendy Shadwell. A fresh view of American exploration with over 100 full-color reproductions from the print collection of Arder. 1st edition. Thomasson-Grant, 1988. Dust jacket. $50.00

  9. SOLD Art of the American West: Selections from the Gerald Peters Gallery. Full length book with color plates. Chapters divided into nineteenth century Western Art; Classic Western Art, Taos Society of Artists, and Santa Fe and the Taos Artists. Gerald Peters Gallery, 2003. Soft cover. $30.00

  10. SOLD Art of the National Parks: Histoic Connections Contemporary Interpretations. Written by Jean Stern, Susan Hallsteen McGarry and Terry Lawson Dunn. Sixty-nine artists offer distinctive visions of eight national parks: Grand Canyon, Grand Teton, Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Zion, Acadia and Everglades. The art, the natural landscape and wildlife are discussed along with more than 450 pieces of art. University of New Mexico Press, 2013. Dust jacket with Grand Canyon image. $85.00

  11. SOLD Art of Western America. Exhibition catalog of the Pomona College Art Gallery featuring artists: Russell, Borein, Carl Oscar Borg, Jo Mora, Swinnerton, Dixon, Fechin, Ufer, Payne and others. Foreword by Don Louis Perceval. Limited to 600 copies. Westernlore Press, 1949. Soft cover. $100.00

  12. SOLD Artists of America. Special edition catalog of an exhibition and sale to benefit educational and creative programs for Denver's children. Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition. 2000. Colorado History Museum. Blue oblong soft cover. $49.95

  13. SOLD Ashworth, Donna. Arizona Triptych: A Story of Northern Arizona Artists. History and fiction are blended in the pages of this three-part story about artists in northern Arizona. Small Mountain Books, 1999. Wraps. $20.00

  14. SOLD Baird, Joseph A. The West Remembered: Artists and Images, 1837-1973. Selections from the collection of Earl C. Adams. Catalogue Exhibited at The Old Mint, San Francisco1973 and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, November 10 to January 6 1973-74. California Historical Society, 1973. Soft cover. $15.00

  15. SOLD [Bama, James] Kelton, Elmer. The Art of James Bama. Introduction by Peter H. Hassrick. 1st edition. Greenwich Workshop, 1993. Dust jacket. $75.00

  16. SOLD Barker, Scott Grand and Jame Myers. Intimate Modernism: Fort Worth Circle Artists in the 1940s. Filled with color illutrations of these modern, cosmopolitan artists. Amon Carter Museum, 2008. Dust jacket oversize. $39.95

  17. SOLD Barter, Judith A. Window on the West: Chicago and the Art of the New Frontier 1890-1940. With contributions by Andrew J. Walker. Barter provides a focused social and cultural history of the role played by Chicago artists and patrons in the evolution of a visual language for depicting the landscape and the people of the American West. This book was published in conjunction with an exhibition. The Art Institute of Chicago, 2003. Dust jacket. $50.00

  18. SOLD Bedell, Rebecca. The Anatomy of Nature: Geology & American Landscape Painting, 1825-1875. A detailed picture of how the nineteenth century's fashionable science molded art. Illustrated. Princeton University Press, 2001. Dust jacket. $45.00

  19. SOLD Begay, Harrison. The Sacred Mountains of the Navajo in Four Paintings by Harrison Begay. Explanatory text by Leland C. Wyman. Exhibition catalog. Limited edition, signed by the artist and author. Museum of Northern Arizona. 1967. Brown cloth, frayed at top of spine. $75.00

  20. SOLD [Bierstadt, Albert] Anderson, Nancy and Linda S. Ferber. Albert Bierstadt: Art & Enterprise. 1991-1992 exhibition catalog that is much more. Extensive biographical information with chronology and commentary on the art work. 1st edition. Brooklyn Museum, Watson-Guptil, 1990. Oversize, soft cover. $100.00

  21. SOLD [Bierstadt, Albert] Hendricks, Gordon. Albert Bierstadt: Painter of the American West. The first full-length biography, lavishly illustrated with many previously unpublished paintings. Previous owner's name on front endsheet. Harry N. Abrams and Amon Carter Museum of Western Art, c. 1974. Dust jacket. $175.00

  22. SOLD [Bierstadt, Albert] Baigell, Matthew. Albert Bierstadt. An interesting essay on the artist with text accompanying the 32 color plates. 1st printing. Watson-Guptil, 1981. Dust jacket. $35.00

  23. SOLD [Bingham, George Caleb] Constant, Alberta Wilson. Paintbox on the Frontier: The Life and Times of George Caleb Bingham. Illustrated with reproductions from one the first Americans to paint the American West. 1st edition. Thomas Y. Crowell, 1974. Dust jacket. $35.00

  24. SOLD Bodmer, Karl. Bodmer's America. Introduction by William H. Goetzmann, annotations by David C. Hunt and Marsha V. Gallagher, artist's biography by William J. Orr. Joslyn Art Museum and University of Nebraska Press, 1993. Dust jacket. $135.00

  25. SOLD [Bodmer, Karl] The Art of Exploration: The Maximilian-Bodmer Expedition, 1832-34. Introduction by Miriam Roberts. Exhibition catalog. Joslyn Art Museum, 1980. Soft cover. $10.00

  26. SOLD Borein, Edward. Edward Borein: Stagecoaches of the Old West. Compiled with a biographical sketch by Nicholas Woloshuk, jr. Institute of Fine Art, 1968. Oversize gray wraps. $35.00

  27. SOLD Brown, Harley. Confessions of a Starving Artist: The Art and Life of Harley Brown. A wide variety of subjects, including Hollywood and Native American with great stories. International Artist, 2003. Dust jacket. $70.00

  28. SOLD Buchholz, Elke Linda. Women Artists. Beautifully illustrated book that surveys five centuries of artistic work by women who broke rules, defied conventionand paved the way for generations to follow. Includes Georgia O'Keeffe and Mary Cassat. Prestel, 2003. Dust jacket, oversize. $29.95

  29. SOLD [Bugbee, H. D.] Catalogue Number 25 Featuring Books Pamphlets, etc. illustrated by H.D. Bugbee. Includes a biographical sketch of the artist. Price Daniel, Jr. Bookseller. Clarendon Press, 1963. Soft cover/ wraps. $50.00

  30. SOLD Burbank, E. A. Burbank Among the Indians. As told by Ernest Royce, edited by Frank J. Taylor. Presentation copy signed by both Royce and Burbank. Caxton, 1944.  Dust jacket. $150.00

  31. SOLD Calle, Paul. Paul Calle: An Artist's Journey. Foreword by Ginger Renner, text by Pam Hail and essay by James Dean. Chronicles the life of the article inspired by frontiers and portraying the early pioneers and explorers. Signed by the artist. Mill Pond Press, 1992. Dust jacket. $65.00

  32. SOLD Calle, Paul. The Pencil. Introduction by Stevan Dohanos. History and the use of the pencil along with demonstrations of various projects. North Light Publishers, 1974. Brown cloth with small tear on front bottom corner. $50.00

  33. SOLD Carlson, George. George Carlson: Sculptures from the collection of Harison Eiteljorg. Exhibition organized and catalogue edited by Robert A. Yassin. Indianapolis Museum of Art, 1979. Soft cover. $15.00

  34. SOLD Carlson, George. George Carlson: The Spirit of Tatahumara. Exhibition catalog of pastels. Gerald Peters Gallery, 1985. Soft cover. $18.00

  35. SOLD Catlin, George. Catlin's Indian Gallery. Portfilio of individual sheets showing Catlin's work. From a Smithsonian art exhibit. 1965. Oversize. $35.00

  36. SOLD Catlin, George. Indian Art in Pipestone : George Catlin's Portfolio in the British Museum. Edited by John C. Ewers. Includes the new publication of an original Catlin manuscript found in the collections of the British Museum. Illustrated with Catlin's work. 1st edition. British Museum and the Smithsonian Institution, 1979. Decorated white casebound. $75.00

  37. SOLD Catlin, George. Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs, and Conditions of North American Indians: Written during Eight Years' Travel (1832-1839) amongs the Wildest Tribes of Indians in North America. Introduction by Marjorie Halpin. Over 250 photographic reproductions of Catlin paintings. Two volumes. Dover Publications, 1973. Soft cover. $20.00

  38. SOLD Catlin, George. Letters and Notes on the North American Indians. Edited and with an introduction by Michael MacDonald Mooney. Originally published in 1841, condensed and rearranged by the editor in one volume. Gramercy Books, 1975. Dust jacket. $27.50

  39. [Catlin, George] Quimby, George I. Indians of the Western Frontier: Paintings of George Catlin. Illustrated guide to paintings owned by the Chicago Natural History Museum. 1958. Wraps. $22.50

  40. SOLD A Century of Sanctuary: The Art of Zion National Park. Foreword by Robert Redford with contributions by Peter Hassrick, Lyman Hafen, Roland Lee and others. Illustrated with color examples of the art showing the park by artists through the centuries. Zion Natural History Association, 2008. Stiff soft covers, oversize. $24.95

  41. SOLD Christie, Keith. Jumping Cholla: Genesis of a Bronze Sculpture. Illustrated with photographs and drawings on how a bronze sculpture is made. Signed by the artist. 1st edition. Northland Press, 1981. Soft cover. $15.00

  42. SOLD The Cowboy. Exhibit catalog, April 25 - June 21, 1981. Preface by Steven L. Brezzo. Illustrated with color and black & white; text about the painters and the art. San Diego Museum of Art. Stiff cover. $25.00

  43. SOLD The Cowboy in American Prints. Edited by John Meigs. Collection of engravings, lithographs, drawings produced by some of the most famous Western artists and the little-known. Limited to 5000 copies. Swallow Press, 1972. Dust jacket, oblong. $45.00

  44. SOLD The Cowboy in American Prints. Edited by John Meigs. Collection of engravings, lithographs, drawings produced by some of the most famous Western artists and the little-known. Swallow Press, 1985. Soft cover, oblong. $30.00

  45. SOLD Crowell, Valona Varnum. The Artist and the Bucking Horse. Booklet with selected paintings depicting cowboys and bucking horses. Brief bio is given of each artist, including such painters as Weighorst, Lougheed, LaRue, James, Dye and DeYong. Art of the West. Soft cover. $40.00

  46. SOLD Curtis, Philip C. Philip C. Curtis: And Time Stood Still. Exhibition catalog of selected paintings. Riva Yares Gallery, 1993. Green soft cover. $15.00

  47. SOLD [Dahlberg, H. Clay] Hedgpeth, Don. Memories of Horses and Wars: The Sculpture of H. Clay Dahlberg. Photographs by Ernest Love and foreword by Charles Schreiner, III. Biography and art work of this artist. Limited and numered, 196/500, designed and printed by David H olman, signed by Dahlberg and Hedgpeth. Includes an original color sketch of cowboy gear, presented and signed by Dahlberg. Wind River Press, 1984. Dust jacket, oversize. $300.00

  48. SOLD Daley, Ann Scarlett and Michael Paglia. Landscapes of Colorado: Mountains and Plains. Artistic renderings of Colorado, in color, by various artists. Fresco Fine Art Publications, 2006. Dust jacket, oblong. $85.00

  49. SOLD Davis, Lew. The Art of Lew Davis: A 40 year Retrospective. Preface by Jon H. Hopkins, introduction by Arthur Miller, and commentary by Lew Davis. Northland Press, 1970. Soft cover with minor rubbing. $30.00

  50. SOLD Dawley, Joseph. Painting Western Character Studies: Techniques in Oil. Twenty-eight illustrated demonstrations will help the reader paint the shape and texture of Western characters. 1st printing. Watson-Guptill, 1975. Dust jacket. $35.00

  51. SOLD [Deakin, Edwin] Shields, Scott A. Edwin Deakin: California Painter of the Pictureque. Introduction by Alfred C. Harrison, Jr. Deakin's paintings from the late 19th to early 20th Century are highly regarded as major achievements in early California art. Crocker Art Museum, 2008. Dust jacket oblong. $30.00

  52. SOLD De Grazia, Ted. De Grazia: A Biographical Sketch. 1st edition. Presentation copy with original ink sketch of a child. Signed by De Grazia. Gallery in the Sun Publications, 1966. Tan cloth. $100.00

  53. SOLD [De Grazia, Ted] Redl, Harry. The World of De Grazia: An Artist of the American Southwest. With a text by Buck Saunders, foreword by Gary Avey. Biography of the artist filled with his illustrations, many in color. 1st edition. Chrysalis Publishing, 1981. Dust jacket with minor wear. $50.00

  54. SOLD Dixon, Maynard. Maynard Dixon: Images of the Native American. Exhibition catalog with color images and text about the art and artist. Includes loose pamphlet of paintings . California Academy of Sciences, 1981. White cloth in white cloth slipcase. $125.00

  55. SOLD Dixon, Maynard. Maynard Dixon: Painter of the West. Introduction by Arthur Millier. Color and b/w images of his work. Presentation copy signed by Edie (Edith Hamlin). Discolortion mark on frontispiece. Trade Pressroom, 1967. Soft cover oversize. $60.00

  56. SOLD Dixon, Maynard. Maynard Dixon: Portraits of the Southwest. Essay and Catalog by Adeline Lee Karpiscak, preface by Peter Bermingham. From the Collection of the University of Arizona Museum of Art. 1984. Soft cover with small mark on front cover. $30.00

  57. SOLD Dixon, Maynard. Maynard Dixon Sketch Book. Introduction and descriptive text by Don Perceval. Foreword by Lawrence Clark Powell. 1st edition. Northland Press, 1967. Dust jacket. $100.00

  58. SOLD Dixon, Maynard. Querido Patron - Letters from Maynard Dixon to Lorenzo Hubbell. Introduction and annotations by Bernard l. Fontana. Friends of the University of Arizona Library, 1987. Soft cover. $30.00

  59. SOLD Dixon, Maynard. The Thunderbird Remembered: Maynard Dixon, the Man and the Artist. Sketched from memory by wife Dorothea Lange, his last wife Edith Hamlin and his two sons, Daniel & John. 1st book edition. Catalog from Desert Dreams exhibition. Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum in association with the University of Washington Press, 1994. Wraps. $60.00

  60. SOLD [Dixon, Maynard] Dillon, Richard. Maynard Dixon or From Coronado to Canon de Chelly Artist - Illustrator Maynard Dixon. Biographical sketch presentation given by Dillon at the Roxburghe Club in 1976. Limited to 200 copies and numbered (#28) edition, signed by author and printer. Lester Lloyd, 1976. Stiff boards. $50.00

  61. SOLD [Dixon, Maynard] Hagerty, Donald J. The Art of Maynard Dixon. Foreword by Gary F. Kurutz. Illustrated with numerous images of paintings and other artwork, many new, this book traces the emergence of Dixon as a transitional figure in the art history of America. 1st edition. Gibbs-Smith, 2010. Dust jacket, oversize. $75.00

  62. SOLD [Dixon, Maynard] Hagerty, Donald J. Desert Dreams: The Art and Life of Maynard Dixon. Previous owner's inscription on front endsheet. 1st edition. Gibbs-Smith, 1993. Dust jacket. $225.00

  63. SOLD [Dixon, Maynard] Hagerty, Donald J. Maynard Dixon - Ed Mell: Images of the Southwest - Past & Present. Catalog of July 5-24, 1985 Exhibit at the Dewey Galleries, Santa Fe, NM. Wraps. $25.00

  64. SOLD [Dixon, Maynard] Lillibridge, Will. Ben Blair: The Story of a Plainsman. With a frontispiece in full color by Maynard Dixon. Previous owner's signature on front endsheet. 3rd edition. A. C. McClurg, 1905. Decorative green cloth. $25.00

  65. SOLD [Dixon, Maynard] Starr, Kevin. "Painterly Poet, Poetic Painter: The Dual Art of Maynard Dixon." Article in California Historical Quarterly, Winter 1977/78. Soft cover, oversize. $15.00

  66. SOLD [Dixon, Maynard] Maynard Dixon 1875-1946: An Unauthorized Contribution Towards a Catalogue Raisonne wth the emphasis on bibliography. First Series. Listing of Dixon's work. Limited edition of 875 copies, no. 102. Privately printed, John Alan Walker Booksellerk 1988. Beige wraps. $60.00

  67. [Dixon, Maynard] Out West Magazine vol. XIX No. 2. Frontispiece of this scarce issue is a full color portrait of the Pueblo Indian by Maynard Dixon. Also contains an article on California artist Enrest Peixotto, with his illustrations. August 1903. Soft cover. $35.00

  68. SOLD [Donahue, Vic] Adams, Ramon F. The Cowman Says it Salty. Stories of picturesque speech. Illustrated by Vic Donahue. Original signed pen and ink sketch of a roping cowboy on a horse with an inscription. 1st edition. University of Arizona Press, 1971. Dust jacket. $200.00

  69. SOLD Drawing the Borderline: Artist-Explorers of the U.S. - Mexico Boundary Survey. Exhibition catalog with chapters on Seth Eastman, Henry Cheever Pratt, and John Bartlett by such western historians as John Mack Faragher, Gray Sweeney and Sam Truett. Illustrated. Albuquerque Museum, 1996. Soft cover. $50.00

  70. SOLD [Dyck, Paul] Paul Dyck in Miniature. Exhibit catalog. Wollheims' Rosequist Galleries, 1975. Wraps. $25.00

  71. SOLD [Eggenhofer, Nick] Carroll, John M. Eggenhofer: The Pulp Years. Introduction by Jeff Dykes. Limited to 250 copies, signed by Carroll. 1st edition. Old Army Press, 1975. Slipcase with paper label. $125.00

  72. SOLD [Eggenhofer, Nick] Hoofprints from the Yellowstone Corral of the Westerners. Special Nick Eggenhofer issue. Fall-Winter 1976. $15.00

  73. SOLD [Farny, Henry] The Realistic Expressions of Henry Farny: A Retrospective. Exhibition catalog sponsored by the Gerald P. Peters Gallery, 1981. Peters Corporation, 1981. Soft cover. $40.00

  74. SOLD Gearhart, Frances H. Frances H. Gearhart: California Block Prints. Exhibition catalog with color images. Cheney Cowles Museum, 1990. Wraps. $20.00

  75. SOLD Gerdts, William H. and Will South. California Impressionism. Labishly illustrated, painstakingly reserched and gracefully written, this handsome volume is the definitve study of California's distinctive style of Impressionism. 1st edition. Abbeville Press, 1998. Dust jacket. $75.00

  76. SOLD Gollings, Bill. A Gollings Sketchbook: A Collection of Sketches by the Cowboy Artist. Reprinted from Montana magazine. 1st edition. Alpine Publishing, 1973. Tan wraps. $25.00

  77. SOLD Goodacre, Glenna. Glenna Goodacre - combined with Wilson Hurley. Important American Art. Fenn Galleries, 1990. Wraps. $15.00

  78. SOLD Goppert, Deborah. Twelve Contemporary Western Artists. Selections from the Whitney Gallery of Western Art Collection. Preface by Peter H. Hassrick. Buffalo Bill Historical Center, 1978. Wraps. $12.00

  79. SOLD Gorman, R. C. The Posters. Introduction by Tricia Hurst. 1st edition. Northland Press, 1980. Oversize soft cover. $37.50

  80. SOLD Green, Ben K. The Last Trail Drive Through Downtown Dallas. Illustrated by Joe Beeler. The true and humorous account of the author's early venture into Big-Time Horse Trading. Edition limited to 1750 copies. Northland Press, 1971. Dust jacket. $95.00

  81. SOLD Gruber, J. Richard. Thomas Hart Benton and the American South. Catalog of a travelling exhibition in 1998-2001. Written commentary along with Benton's art. Morris Museum of Art, 1998. Soft cover oversize. $60.00

  82. SOLD Harvey, G. G. Harvey. One man show exhibit catalog. Trailside Galleries, 1988. Wraps. $12.50

  83. SOLD Harvey, G. Taking Stock. A collection of paintings, sketches and sculpture with a western livestock fare. Limited to 1250 copies, number 1183, signed by the artist. Somerset House Publishing, 1986. Tan leather binding with gold lettering, silk ribbon endsheets. $350.00

  84. SOLD Hassrick, Peter H. The American West: Out of Myth, Into Reality. Exhibition Catalog detailing Western art of America's frontier years, from 1825 to 1925. The exhibition explores some of the new insights and perspectives and seeks to reconcile these with entrenched myth. Trust for Museum Exhibitions in Association with the Mississippi Museum of Art, 2000. Soft cover. $39.95
  85. SOLD Hassrick, Peter H. Remington, Russell and the Language of Western Art. This volume, the catalog for the exhibition Remington, Russell and the Language of Western Art, recounts the story of their shared limelight, its interplay and its tensions. Trust for Museum Exhibitions, 2000. Soft cover. $30.00

  86. SOLD [Hill, Thomas] Driesbach, Janice T. Direct From Nature: The Oil Sketches of Thomas Hill. With an essay by William H. Gerdts. First book to draw attention to the remarkable landscape artist. Yosemite Association, 1997. Soft cover. $19.95

  87. SOLD[Hogue, Alexandre] Kalil, Susie. Alexandre Hogue: An American Visionary- Paintings and Works on Paper. A wonderful volume showing the rich artistic work of Hogue whose paintings reveal the spirit of Texas and the Southwest. We get to know about him and his work. 1st edition. Texas A&M University Press, 2011. Dust jacket, oversize. $35.00

  88. SOLD Hollmann, Clide. Five Artists of the Old West. George Catlin, Karl Bodmer, Alfred Jacob Miller, Charles M. Russell, Frederick Remington. With reproductions of the artists' paintings. Hastings House, 1965. $26.00

  89. SOLD [Holmes, William H.] William H. Holmes Panoramic Art. Exhibit catalog with text by William Goetzmann. Amon Carter Museum, 1977. Wraps. $10.00

  90. SOLD Hopper, Kippra D. and Laurie J. Churchill. Art of West Texas Women: A Celebration. Examines numerous artists, including Linda Cullum, Tina Fuentes, Sara Waters and Collie Ryan, representing a wide diversity of style, medium, and scale. Texas Tech University Press, 2010. Soft cover. $29.95

  91. SOLD Hoopes, Donelson F. American Watercolor Painting. A review of the American masters of watercolor, including Audubon, Catlin, Cropsey, Heade and more. 1st edition. Watson-Guptill, 1977. Dust jacket. $35.00

  92. SOLD Hurley, Wilson. Wilson Hurley: A Retrospective Exhibition. Art and information about this Western artist from an exhibit at Buffalo Bill Historical Center and Albuquerque Museum.1st edition. Lowell Press, 1985. Dust jackt/soft cover oversize. $36.00

  93. Jacob, Ned. Ned Jacob: The National Cowboy Hall of Fame & Western Heritage Center March 4 - May 14, 1972. Exhibit catalog. Previous owner's bookplate on front endsheet. Soft cover. $35.00

  94. SOLD Kelley, Ramon. A Portrait of the Artist: Ramon Kelley. Carefully selected images from Ramon's entire body of work to date, give the reader a precious overview of the evolving style and explorations of this great artist. International Artist, 2004. Dust jacket. $50.00

  95. SOLD [Kent, Rockwell] Melville, Herman. Moby Dick or the Whale. Illustrated by Rockwell Kent. Random House, 1930. Black cloth with silver decorations showing some wear on spine and edges. $200.00

  96. SOLD [Kleiber, Hans] Mygatt, Emmie and Roberta Cheney. Hans Kleiber: Artist of the Bighorn Mountains. The story of the artist who left a legacy of superb etchings as his testimony to his devotion to the Wyoming wildlife and landscape. Caxton Printers, 1975. Dust jacket. $57.50

  97. SOLD [Kleiber, Hans] Forrest, James T. Hans Kleiber: Artist of the Big Horns. Biographical pamphlet with examples of his work. Limited edition to 1000 copies. Published by the Bradford Brinton Memorial, 1968. Blue wraps. $15.00

  98. SOLD Koerner, W. H. D. W.H.D. Koerner. Catalog with artist's work and biographical sketch by Forrest Fenn. Fenn Galleries, 1977. Wraps. $12.50

  99. SOLD Koerner, W. H. D. W.H.D. Koerner and Montana. An exhibition arrangd by the Montana Historical Society in association with Ruth Koerner Oliver July - September 1971. Examples of the artist's work and introduction by Vivian A. Paladin. Stamp of Fenn Galleries on front cover. Montana Historical Society, 1971. Soft cover, oversize. $15.00

  100. SOLD Koerner, W. H. D. WHD Koerner: Illustrating the Western Myth. Exhibition catalog. Amon Carter Museum of Western Art, 1969. Soft cover. $15.00

  101. SOLD [Krakel, Dean]. End of the Trail: The Odyssey of Statue. "End of the Trail" is the most famous sculpture of a prolific American artist, James Earle Fraser. Krakel tells in words and pictures the story of the Frasers' accomplishments in the world art and and of the efforts to restore the sculpture. Previous owner's inscription. 1st edition. University of Oklahoma Press, 1973. Dust jacket. $67.50

  102. SOLD Kunstler, Mort. Mort Kunstler's Old West: Cowboys. An artist that depicts the history of America. Rutledge Hill Press, 1998. Dust jacket. $12.98

  103. SOLD Lea, Tom. A Picture Gallery. Text, written by Tom Lea is loosely an autobiography as he demonstrates, describes and explains his work accompanied by his art, 35 color and monochrome prints. Two vols. One of text, other is prints. Cloth slip case with pasted label. Oversize. 1st edition. Little, Brown, and Company, 1968. $200.00

  104. SOLD Lea, Tom. A Selection of Paintings and Drawings from the Nineteen-Sixties. Exhibit catalog with black and white illustrations. University of Texas, Institute of Texan Cultures, 1969. Soft cover. $50.00

  105. Leigh, William R. William R. Leigh: African Landscapes. Exhibition catalog, September 17 - October 18, 1998. Gerald Peters Gallery, 1998. Soft cover. $20.00

  106. SOLD [Leigh, W. R.] Cummins, D. Duane. William Robinson Leigh: Western Artist. Foreword by Fred A. Myers. 1st edition. University of Oklahoma Press, 1980. Dust jacket shows some wear. $75.00

  107. SOLD [Lie, Jonas] Gerdts, William H. and Carol Lowrey. Jonas Lie (1880-1940). Exhibition catalog, January 12 - February 25, 2006, with biographical sketch and color plates of his work. Spanierman Gallery, 2005. Decorated casebound, oversize. $15.00

  108. SOLD Lyon, Harold Lloyd. "Creating Illusions". Signed by the artist with an original ink drawing. Harold Lloyd Lyon, 1993. $30.00

  109. SOLD Masterworks of California Impressionism: the FFCA, Morton H. Fleischer collection. Edited by Jean Stern and artists' biographies by Janet B. Dominik. Color illustrated. Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art, 1986. Dust jacket. $45.00

  110. SOLD McCracken, Harold. Great Painters and Illustrators of the Old West. Comprehensive guide. Dover reprint. Soft cover with wear. $12.00

  111. SOLD [McGary, Dave] Duty, Michael. Dave McGary American Realism in Bronze: A Twenty Year Retrospective. A look at the artist and his work, including color photographs of his bronzes. McGary Studios, 1997. Dust jacket, oversize, $125.00

  112. SOLD [Megargee, Lon] Winkelman, Cindy. Lon Megargee: Arizona's Cowboy Artist. Biography of this artist know for his A-1 Brewery prints. 1997. Sprial soft cover. $7.50

  113. SOLD Mell, Ed. 6th Annual One-Man Show. Exhibit catalog. Overland Gallery, March 9, 2006. Soft cover, wraps. $10.00

  114. SOLD [Mell, Ed] Haggerty, Donald J. Beyond the Visible Terrain - The Art of Ed Mell Flagstaff, Arizona (1996) $65.00

  115. SOLD Miller, Alfred Jacob. Alfred Jacob Miller: Artist as Explorer - First Views of the American Frontier. With an essay by Ron Tyler. Exhibition catalog. Gerald Peters Gallery, 1999. Soft cover. $27.50

  116. SOLD Miller, Alfred J. Braves and Buffalo: Plains Indian Life in 1837. Watercolours of Alfred J. Miller, with descriptive notes by the artist. Introduction by Michael Bell. University of Toronto Press, 1973. Dust jacket worn. $45.00

  117. SOLD Mora, Jo. A Log of the Spanish Main. "A Jo Mora Diary." Being a diary for those fortunate souls who are able to cruise the blue waters and prowl the alluring shores of that most romantic realm . . . annotated and generously pictured in the homorous manner by Jo Mora. 1st edition. Jo Mora, 1933. $50.00

  118. SOLD [Mora, Jo] Tirey, L. Ford. Dawn and the Dons: The Romance of Monterey. With vignettes and sketches by Jo Mora. Tear on one of the pages. 1st edition. A. M. Robertson, 1926. Pictoral boards with paper label on spine. $35.00

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  193. SOLD Wildlife in American Art: Masterworks from the National Museum of Wildlife Art. Text by Adam Duncan Harris, foreword by William G. Kerr, prefaced by James C. McNutt. Presents for the first time a generous sampling of the museum's holdings,charts the history of this enduring theme in American art and explores the revoling relationship between Americans and the natural resources. This volume offers descriptions of individual artists in the collection as well informative essays. University of Oklahoma Press, 2009. Dust jacket, oversize. $55.00

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    Miscellaneous Art Catalogs.
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Cowboy Artists of America

  1. CAA "Then and Now" Photograph showing the Founding Members at Oak Creek Tavern on June 23, 1965 and second image taken on June 23, 2005 with CAA members at the same location 40 years later. Photograph is numbered, 69/100. Cowboy Artists of America. $15.00

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  5. SOLD CAA Annual Exhibition Catalog. 8th, 1973. CAA Artist copy, limited to 30, for Harvey Johnson. Contains personal note from Paul Weaver to Johnson. Northland Press. Leather and cloth. $100.00

  6. SOLD CAA Annual Exhibition Catalog. 9th, 1974. With price list. Wraps. $27.00

  7. SOLD CAA Annual Exhibition Catalog. 10th, 1975. Wraps. $25.00

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  9. SOLD CAA Annual Exhibition Catalog. 12th, 1977. With price list inside. Wraps. $26.50

  10. SOLD CAA Annual Exhibition Catalog. 13th, 1978. 30 copies of this limited CAA Member Edition have been especially bound. This copy is for Cowboy Artist, Harvey Johnson. Signed by the CAA artists. Northland Press. $300.00

  11. SOLD CAA Annual Exhibition Catalog. 14th, 1979. 30 copies of this limited CAA Member Edition have been especially bound. This copy is for Cowboy Artist, Harvey Johnson. Signed by the CAA artists. Northland Press. $300.00

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  15. SOLD CAA Annual Exhibition Catalog. 26th, 1991. Wraps. $22.50

  16. SOLD CAA Annual Exhibition Catalog. 32nd, 1997. Limited CAA Member Edition have been especially bound. This copy is for Cowboy Artist. Signed by the CAA artists. Northland Press. Green slipcase. $125.00

  17. SOLD CAA Annual Exhibition Catalog. 40th. 2005. Wraps. $25.00

  18. SOLD CAA Annual Exhibition Catalog. 40th. 2005. Limited to 100 copies, sign by the CAA artists. Bound in leather in slipcase. $125.00

  19. SOLD Beeler, Joe. Joe Beeler at Gilcrease. Exhibition May 2 - July 6, 1980. Color and black and white images of Beeler work. Signed by Joe Beeler to Paul Weaver. Thomas Gilcrease Museum Association, 1980. Wraps. $40.00

  20. SOLD Beeler, Joe. Joe Beeler Paintings and Sculptures of the American West. Contains an article by Don Hedgpeth, "Joe Beeler Cowboy to the Bone." Color plates with a listing of awards and publications. Northland Press, 1990. Wraps. $30.00

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  28. SOLD [Jackson, Harry] Harry Jackson: Forty Years of his Work 1941-1981. Texts by John Walker, Gene Thornton, Larry Pointer and Donald Goddard, Lee Myers and Harry Jackson. Contains color and black and white plates. WFS Publication, 1981. Oversize brown soft cover with color image of Sacagawea II on the front. $40.00

  29. SOLD Jackson, Harry. Lost Wax Bronze Casting: A Photographic Essay on this Antique and Venerable Art. Foreword by John Walker, Director Emeritus, National Gallery of Art. Through the use of 150 photographs, Jackson illustrates each phase of lost wax bronze casting. Signed by the author/artist. 1st edition. Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., 1972. Dust jacket. $100.00

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  36. SOLD [McCarthy, Frank C. Paintings of the Old West: A Retrospective Exhibition April 22 - June 5, 1977. Exhibition catalog with color and b/w images of McCarthy's work. R. W. Norton Art Gallery, 1977. Soft cover, oversize. $45.00

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Selected Other Artists

SOLD Sanden, John Howard. Painting the Head in Oil. Edited by Joe Singer. Illustrated guide by the master of portrait painting. Watson-Guptill, 1976. Dust jacket with tears on top edges and wear on edges. $35.00

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